Matrix Secure WEB-Logon  
  « Do you know who is logging in to your web site? »
USB-Token encrypted WEB authentication!
The problem with passwords is that it is too easy to lose control of them.
People give their passwords to other people. People write them down, and other people read them. People send them in emails, and that emails are intercepted. People use them to log into remote servers, and their communications are eavesdropped on. Passwords are also easy to guess. And once any of that happens, the password no longer works as an authentication token because you can never be sure who is typing in that password.

Password replacement and the logon solution !
«Matrix Secure WEB-Login» is a hardware based Two-Factor-Authentication which solves the password problem.
The Matrix USB dongle is a hardware key which replaces the unsecure «UserId + Password» logon method for internet or intranet solutions.
The authentication is performed through data encryption inside of the secure Matrix hardware. The encrypted authentication token changes every time when a logon is requested to ensure that an intercepted token won't be usable twice.

How does it works?
«Matrix Secure WEB-Logon» is based on two components:
1. The Matrix-dongle and the WEB-Client application on the client side
2. The WEB server on the vendor side

When the user needs to log into a server, the server sends a random based request. The user must connect the Matrix USB-dongle and to type in a personal PIN code.
The server request, the users PIN and some kind of other data blocks will be encrypted inside of the secure Matrix-dongle. The encrypted result token is then send back to the server.
Sensitive information such as encryption key is stored safely in the Matrix-dongle and on the server, but never transmitted between server and client.

«Matrix Secure WEB-Logon» can be used with all web browsers and is not based on Cookies, PlugIns or Java applets!
On the client side a WEB-Client application (EXE) is used to pass the server requests to the Matrix-dongle.

Test now «Matrix Secure WEB-Logon»
To be able to test here «Matrix Secure WEB-Logon», you need a Matrix-dongle!
(If you don't have an Matrix-Dongle, you can order a «Evaluation-Kit»)

Proceed with following steps:
1. Create the WEB-Client Application with the provided tool «Matrix WEB-Logon Wizard».
2. Start the WEB-Cleint Application and connect the Matrix-Dongle to your PC.
When the Matrix-dongle is plugged into the USB port, the internet browser is startet automatically with the web site:
3. Register at the Logon-Site the parameters of your dongle and a PIN of your choice for this test.
4. After Registration continue with clicking on [Login] using the connected dongle and your registered PIN.

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