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Our most valuable asset is our customers!

Our customers are from all branches of the software industry and from all types of businesses, wherever software is used:

» Software developers
» Software dealers
» Website portal operators
» Buyers, agents and experts in search of software
» copy protection and license protection

Our customer base ranges from individual software developers to multinational companies from around
the world.

Customer report:

Roland Bongartz, CEO coolspot AG, Düsseldorf:

We work with the Matrix USB-Dongle based license protection system. We use it with our AVS system to make our online services secure. Matrix is one of our company’s key success factors.

Three years ago we had to decide on a license protection system. We thoroughly tested every available product on the market, and chose Matrix over all others.

Since then we have successfully installed over 140,000 Matrix systems at our customers and we are expanding further.

www.coolspot.de | www.personalid.de

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