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TechnoData Interware is a highly successful international business with branches in Germany, Switzerland, the USA, Canada, Israel and Japan.

We are market leading in software license protection technologies.
Additionally, we offer a secure User-Login solution for Internet and Intranet services.

Both solutions are marketed under the Matrix brand and are based on dongle authentication.

We offer only the best solutions and intend to maintain our position in software copy protection and license protection technologies.
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Matrix: Secure Software-Protection
Matrix Software-Protection-System is a hardware based safety system for the protection of software from unauthorised use and reproduction.
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Matrix: Secure online user-login
Matrix Secure Web-Logon is a hardware based «Two-Factor-Authentication» developed to replace the unsecure «UserId+Password» method used for Internet/Intranet access.

Matrix Secure Web-Logon prevents the unauthorized access to internet/intranet services and protects against password phishing. It works well with all leading browsers, requiring no USB drivers, Cookies, PlugIns or Java-Applets.       » read more

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Technical Customer Service
We see each contact with the customer as an opportunity for
us to show our competence and inspire customer loyalty. 
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Product Development/

We work hand-in- hand with our customers to develop the best solutions, guaranteeing products with high reliability in practical use.
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Secure and easy copy and license protection for any complex MS-Excel spreadsheets  » read more
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