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Excel spreadsheets are sometimes very large and include complex algorithms, especially when they contain the VBA scripts and macros. Sometimes the file size can be more than 100 MB. In order to develop such complex models requires years of hard work.

Until now there was no appropriate copy protection for XLS files. For this reason a commercial distribution was nearly impossible.
That's past history now. We are offering the solution when the license is strongly linked to an USB dongle and only the person with the dongle can use the spreadsheets, for all others it's locked.

If you interested to know more, here is the explanation of the solution in brief:

1. Download the DoneEx XCell Compiler from the www.DoneEx.com website and compile the XLS file format to the EXE file format. The result is a MS Excel file in the EXE format.

2. Download the Matrix Mx-Crypt tool from this website (Products > Download > Windows API) and encrypt the EXE, linked with the Matrix dongle.

Both tools can work independently or can be used together. For both, XCell as well as Mx-Crypt, there are free Trial versions available.

For XCell, finally you need to buy a full license which meets your requirements.

For Mx-Crypt you need as many dongles as you sell licenses of your software.
(see Prices for MLU-60 under   Products > Pricelist)

Additional details are available on the respective websites.
The XCell Compiler license with the most features is about € 150.- . DoneEx accept payments by Credit Card or PayPal.

* Matrix-Dongle:
The same technique and price in two different case sizes

» Technical Data

Excel Screenshot with DoneEx and Mx-Crypt

The way to go:

  1. Download the DoneEx XCell Compiler from the DoneEx website:       » Download

  2. Extract and install the XCell (30 days Trial version). After that Excel will show the new [DoneEx] menu item (see Screenshot).

  3. Compile your XLS file into a EXE with the menu item [XCell Compiler] > [Compile].

  4. Download the Matrix Windows-API from this website:                       » Download

  5. Extract and install the Matrix Windows-API.

  6. Start Mx-Crypt, load the Excel-EXE-file and click the [Crypt] button. Since you don't have a dongle, this is only a test.

  7. And now you need the USB License Dongles. We recommend the type MLU-60. Here you can find the  Pricelist. You will need one Dongle for each protected license you sell.

  • You can make your own customized license arrangement in consideration of all future possibilities and updates. With the protection of secret operational data or the prevention of the unauthorized data manipulation you receive the higher level of protection

  • It is possible to link many protected files to one dongle

  • You can set up to 79 additional 10-digit keys in the dongle memory

  • Your customer can copy the protected spreadsheets to various computers but only the computer with the dongle plugged in will have a valid license

  • The dongles work on any PC as Plug and Play without any additional software or driver
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